white shades

since spring is at the top of its beauty, I'm replacing my beloved black outfits to lighter shades. at least for a while. this lovely Lindex camisole top and & other stories loafers are my top choices these days. 



the look of the 20150420 | casual beige

bag - Lindex, earrings - diy, sunglasses - Lindex, dress - vintage

feeling great in this vintage suede dress! I'm pretty sure it's going to be one of the most wearable items this summer.



it's spring, be cute

this season I'm obsessed with blue. blue sky, blue scarfs, blue everything. even now I'm writing this post wearing bright oversized blue shirt. and I'm obviously in love with blue denim items. just saw this skirt online and I couldn't keep it to myself. how cute is it? reminds me of those childhood years a bit and is perfect for this beautiful spring, too.
get it HERE



the look of 20150413 | and the blue

jacket - United Colors of Benetton, scarf - STUDIO KAROLINA, top - Lindex, bag - Lindex, trousers - Laura Scott, heels - Deichmann 

spring is beautiful, it's all around and I can't get enough of it. what could cause more joy that wearing those light jackets and heels again? 



up to date | Mados Infekcija

is it a perfect collection? I doubt it. was it one of the best in Mados Infekcija? definitely.
Mari Butenko, I want big things for you.


demons and angels

photo - Dainius Cepla


a bathing suit you need | Mados Infekcija

finally I'm back at home and finally I have a minute to sit down and think. 
my first thoughts were that Collar Swimwear collection presented at Mados Infekcija is what you need for summer. it is a bit extravagant but aren't you brave?



the look of 20150327 | Mados Infekcija

coat - vintage, blouse - STUDIO KAROLINA, earrings - Soho Rd, trousers - Lindex, heels - Deichmann, clutch - Cow vintage, watch - Daniel Wellington

my both looks for Mados Infekcija ended up to be all about brightness. blue + green + red lip + red earrings -- I can't recall the last time I was that colorful and it felt so good. I think I can even say that this combination of colors is my favorite right now. not for everyday, that's for sure but there are those days when I'm craving for brightness. usually for me it's either all black or so bright it hurts.