dum dum

if it's meant to be
it will be.

these are the best words I've read today. Thanks valikabu



the stray

That's an outfit post from my trip to Palanga. So not proper for a fashion blogger. Hitchhiking starting at 8am, sleeping in dunes like a stray (in that bag is all my stuff for 2 days), cleaning my teeth in a public toilet and sitting in a place called Laukiniu vakaru salunas at 3am. Just to keep warm, of course. That's how my trip went. But despite that terrible tiredness, I had an amazing time with my sister. Laughing and making exercises under the beautiful starry sky.  Love you!


days off are the best

DAYS OFF. Days off  from work, days off from school, days off from holidays, days off from everything in life - they're the best. They're like micro changes in life that makes it easier and delights it with a pinch of  unplanned magic.

These two days off from work were much of everything. That's why I decided to upload such an amount of snapshots. They describe the mood perfectly. 


 Architecture in ┼áiauliai. To me it's amazing.
 Reading All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque. Even sky cries.
 One of the reasons why I keep coming to my hometown - nature in the yard.
 I'm actually in love with it. So compact and so comfortable!
 Another look. Not happy one, definitely. Ferocity.
 Terrace of Sun in ┼áiauliai. The city is full of surprises.
 That's how summer in Lithuania looks like. And I can't say I don't like it.
 A really funny painting from my adolescence. Found in garage - never finished.
 Another reason, why I keep coming to my hometown - fresh vegetables.
 My two loves: this new bag and garlic bread.
 My cat - the only one I love.
 He's got the energy, doesn't he?
 An outfit // for the DAY OFF
 The real me.
 Another reason, why I keep coming to my hometown - sis xxx


ear blossoms

Sth cute and simple for my ears that I found on a flea market the other day. These two ear blossoms somehow make me feel so great! 



morning light

Last two posts were with my photography work, but don't think, that now I'll post only that. No matter if the blog is named after I.VO - as I said before, I.VO is for almost everything I do. Just keep waiting.

And here is a small playlist for this lovely sunny shiny Saturday morning. I'm off to job, see you soon! 



my work // Violeta test


It looks like a productive week! This is a test shoot for Violeta Tyrilo from RUTA model management. 

model - Violeta Tyrilo (RUTA model management)
photography, hair, make up, style - Ieva Ukanyte


my work // *

My latest photoshoot with my sister and my favorite model Ruta Ukanyte. It was totally on the spot, with no preparations at all. It has no title, because it's just how me and my sister spend our free time together. Enjoy!

top - humana
pants - humana
heels - pas stanislova

photography, hair, makeup, style - Ieva Ukanyte
model - Ruta Ukanyte