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choices | winter armor

sleeveless turtleneck sweater - HERE

Those who follow me on instagram know that yes, I moved to Milan recently. So I escaped the lithuanian snowdrifts and I really can not complain about the freezing cold, but it is still winter. 
And of course, the best way to keep yourself warm during these months is layering, knits and wool blends. The holly three that will help you to survive until March. 

I had a good browse on StyleWe online shop and picked my favorites for you that are both stylish and practical in this winter weather.

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the look of 20161031 | dress up game

long jacket - Shein, boots - Zara, bag - vintage + diy, denim jeans - Lindex + diy, earrings - Lindex + diy, watch - Daniel Wellington, turtleneck sweater - H&M

photos by my dear Ruta Ukanyte

Play with your wardrobe - that's an ancient rule and definitely known for every each of you. Just after uploading photos to my computer I noticed that today I went for the dress up game 100 percent. The statement earring you see is just two hoop earrings combined into one, shabby edges of those Lindex denim jeans was my little diy project a while ago and the red scarf handle is also added by me to a vintage bag that was bought with no handle at all.
All these little details always help you to jazz up your daily looks and to stand out in crowd too.

Of course the highlight of this outfit is a purple long sleeve jacket purchased from Shein recently. The color is perfect, isn't it? No matter how much we all love black, it's fun sometimes to brighten up your day with some lighter shades.

So, the moral of this sunny Monday is - have fun! Also, be happy, smile a lot, laugh hard and love harder.



the look of 20161027 | casual Friday

grey sweatshirt - Audimas, coat - Fleurette vintage, stilettos - REISS, jeans - COW vintage, bracelet - Veimotti, earrings - COS, green socks - Lindex

photos by Greta Zilinskaite

Happy Friday! Is just me or it came much quicker than it should have?
Today is all about comfort. It always is, but since the days are getting darker and colder, I start to look for 100% comfort in my daily looks. And that means not just choosing the right materials and avoiding complicated cuts, but eliminating colors and bright prints too. My mind gets tired of all this stuff pretty quickly and that's just how it is for me. You might feel the comfiest in a pink zebra print jumper and that's more than OK. There are days I also like to peacock a bit.

 However today is not one of them and I choose to match the rainy sky and damp pavements. Although everything is not that depressing when you have a batman print on your jeans and your grey sweatshirt is the softest thing in the world. There's no exaggeration here, trust me.
 Well and of course, adding a red lip and heels to your outfit instantly makes the day much better. Never forget that!



the look of 20161016 | take me to the theater

bag - Lindex, shoes - La Strada, skirt - Lindex, coat - Baur Foradori vintage

photos by Greta Zilinskaite

And here I'm back again, with another coat and burgundy Lindex shoulder bag, which became irreplaceable recently. I have already told you in my previous post, that one coat is just not enough for me. It is how it is and I can't do much about it (or more like I don't want to). So in order to fulfill my needs and still be able to pay my taxes, I have a browse in vintage stores from time to time. Because here how it is: one coat is your investment and the others are your entertainment.
Talking about this one, I simply couldn't leave it on a hanger. It costed me 1 euro, it's in a very good condition, it's from alpaca wool and it's a true Austrian vintage brand from 1980's. I think it's worth the cost.

Keep me warm and tell me stories.